About Aim Smart®

Aim Smart is an easy-to-use Microsoft Excel Add-In that enables business users to perform data quality functions within the tool they know best – Microsoft Excel.

Victor W. Fehlberg, General Manager at Aim Dynamics, began working with data quality software in 2005 while working at Amgen, a large biotechnology company located in Southern California. He became intimately familiar with the largest and best data quality offerings on the market. For example, SAS/DataFlux gave him the award “Customer of the Year” in 2006 for his contributions. He proceeded to build large Master Data Management (MDM) systems for Amgen and saw the strengths and weaknesses of available market offerings. He noticed that while data quality tools were great tools in the hands of developers, business users – who understand the business data best – often did not have the expertise to develop using SAS/DataFlux or Informatica Data Quality. Thus, after nearly nine years at Amgen, Mr. Fehlberg left in 2013 after deciding that he could create a data quality offering that would both overcome the
weaknesses he saw in competitor product offerings, as well as run within Excel so that business users could leverage the offering. Aim Smart® is the culmination of his ideas.

Aim Smart® is built by Aim Dynamics, the premier power-monitoring distributor of North America. Aim Smart® represents a novel way for users to interact with their data; a user can leverage a native Excel function to first concatenate data, or perhaps perform an if/else function, and then quickly interact with Aim Smart® to provide powerful data quality functions to extend beyond Microsoft’s out-of-the-box capability.

Aim Dynamics is located in beautiful Denver, Colorado. Aim Dynamics began business in 2013, and has quickly turned into a major Power-Monitoring supplier. It is our vision to help our customers improve the efficiency of their operations, whether that means improved data quality or more efficient energy use. We are committed to helping the planet face tomorrow’s challenges.


Victor W. Fehlberg
Neil G. Wuebker
Joseph C. Taysom