Aim-Smart features
Address Verification

For an additional fee, Aim-Smart, offers the enhanced feature, Address Verification.
With Address Verification users have the ability to search new or existing contact lists and databases for incorrect address. Address Verification will alert, and if possible correct any undeliverable addresses. Address Verification can also enhance current address information by adding missing info such as the +4 digits following a zip code.
Using Address Verification is very easy. Beginning with an already parsed list of addressed the user selects the Address Verification option on the tool bar under the Aim-Smart tab.


Then the user selects the source of the addresses to be verified.

Using auto mapping Aim-Smart will often select the columns and matching attributes with little user input. Otherwise users can enter each column and attribute manually

Auto Mapping

Once the columns have been mapped, the user selects which columns they wish to be displayed in the output.

Output Select

Once the user has selected the columns the results will be displayed in the same sheet and if the user selects the ERROR_CODE and ERROR_STRING the issues found will be displayed and let users know how the information may be fixed.

Address Verification offers CASS certification. USPS Zip + 4 CASS certification prevents mail from being returned due to bad or poor-quality address. Returned mail cost the USPS $159 million per year. The USPS implemented this certification to save money and pass those savings on to companies who use this service. Aim-Smarts Address Verification implements CASS to help business users be more efficient with both company time and money
As part of CASS Certification the USPS requires vendors to preform DPV and LACSLink processing when preforming address corrections. Aim-Smart Address Verification is able to do this without any needed assistance from the user.
Using DVP, Address Verification is able to not only verify that a block of addresses exist, but checks the individual building street number to verify that is does actually exist. This allows for the highest level of address accuracy.
LACSLink allows Address Verification to access the most recent records of new build homes and businesses as well as alternate addresses of older buildings where addresses may have been reassigned to match more accurately with new construction. It compares these records of old and new addresses to update addresses in the user information with the most accurate info.