Monthly Archives: December 2015

Reduced Pricing for the month of December!

Aim-Smart is now offering a new purchasing option and reduced pricing.

Aim-Smart is introducing the “Total Company License”. This is a great option for companies who have multiple users in multiple departments that can benefit from the high level data matching Aim-Smart offers.

Aim-Smart’s current price is $10K USD for a single license which covers one computer installation but allows for multiple users on that computer. Aim-Smart also offers a 5 license bundle for $35K USD and, like the single license option, allows for multiple users on each computer. The 5 license package is popular with companies who have multiple departments who use Aim-Smart but aren’t physically close to one another. By installing Aim-Smart on a shared computer users can receive their results easily and save the files for access later.

During the month of December we are offering reduced prices on both the single and 5 license packages. Please call for details. 303-772-6100

The “Total Company License” Now companies have the option of installing Aim-Smart* on all of their machines for a deeply discounted price compared to the single and 5 license packages. Call and get a quote today! 303-772-6100

*some restrictions apply, contact Neil at ext.145 for further details